So Maybe a Year Was Too Much

I decided last night that I need to deactivate my Twitter account, at least temporarily. I’m incapable of using Twitter moderately, and the latest world news is taking a toll on my mental health. I’m fine for now, but it feels like I can’t keep assaulting myself with every new terrible thing happening.

I’m taking a break from my series as well. Ultimately, I’m writing each post to benefit the person or people I’m writing it about, but I need some sort of engagement to keep going.

My initial plan was to just write a tweet for each entry in the series, but I ended up writing a full article. I think that has helped each entry be better, but it feels like a chore now.

For most of the articles, there hasn’t been that much engagement, and taking away the ability to share them on Twitter makes me think that I will again be typing into the void.

My plan is to re-evaluate the Twitter thing in a week, and go from there. I wish that I could find some sort of happy medium where I can get the benefits I enjoy from Twitter without the negative parts. History suggests that I cannot.

I’ll probably keep writing things here from time to time, but I have discovered that I don’t have the motivation to keep writing on a schedule when I’m not being paid to.

So I guess I’ll wrap up for now by saying that that I hope some people took my series as a springboard to be more conscious of promoting the people who make things they like. It really makes a difference.



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