A Year of Promoting The People Who Make the Things I Love: Feb 21— Ron Levi (Creator of Dog TV)

From this morning’s Dog TV

In 2022, I am going to spend some time each day promoting someone who makes the things I love. I started this series because I believe that we, myself included, spend so much time on social media dunking on people (however deserved) and not enough time lifting up people deserving of positive attention.

Today I am sharing my genuine and undying love for Dog TV.

A few years ago, I thought that our dog Bowie might be getting tired of the audio playlist I played for her when we went out. So I googled “Tv for dogs,” not really expecting to find anything. Maybe a youtube video or playlist or something.

To my surprise, there WAS a channel for dogs. I was able to get it through my Sling TV subscription, and I tried it out. Well, I am a little embarrassed to tell you how long I sat on the couch and watched that channel.

According to Wikipedia, “[T]he idea for DOGTV came from founder, Ron Levi[2] and his cat named Charlie. “He just gave me the saddest eyes one day,” Levi said of Charlie when he was leaving the house one day.[3] This prompted Levi to edit videos of squirrels, birds and fish for Charlie to enjoy while he was away.”

(I left in the links if you wanted to follow them.)

These posts are designed to be short and sweet, telling you a little about something so you can decide if you want to learn more. This article has a ton of great info on Levi and the creation of the channel.

The short version is that Levi did a lot of research into what kind of programming a dog would actually want to see as opposed to other channels that feature animals, but are designed to be watched by humans.

I don’t know if I’m part dog or if it’s just a subconscious need to get away from other forms of distraction that assault your senses, but I love sitting and watching Dog TV with my two dogs Bowie and Eddie. I’ll keep it on even if they fall asleep.

So if you have dogs and are looking for something to put on while you are away, or if you just want some relaxation, see if you get Dog TV. If not, try to figure out a way to get it. It’s that good.

While I mention Levi in the title, today’s post is dedicated to everyone who makes Dog TV happen.



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