A Year of Promoting The People Who Make the Things I Love: Feb 18 — Stephanie Weitekamp (Sweet Baphomet)

In 2022, I am going to spend some time each day promoting someone who makes the things I love. I started this series because I believe that we, myself included, spend so much time on social media dunking on people (however deserved) and not enough time lifting up people deserving of positive attention.

Today I’m highlighting the art of Stephanie Weitekamp, who is known on social media as Sweet Baphomet.

I first saw her art on Tik Tok in a video by Scott Christian Sava. He talked about how she had taken a risk by quitting her job to pursue her art. I don’t know much about art, but I know what I think looks good and I loved her art.

I knew I was going to feature her at some point, but I saw a video on her Tik Tok yesterday where she said that getting more followers on her Instagram account would help her in her new pursuit of being a tattoo artist.

So I think today is a good day!

from Instagram

Stephanie is very talented, and obviously cares deeply about her art. Seeing her videos come up on my Tik Tok feed has made my day better, and I highly suggest following her on whatever social media account you use.



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Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn

Writer, editor, podcaster. Formerly Winging it in Motown. Twitter: @pflynn42