A Year of Promoting The People Who Make the Things I Love: Feb 11— Jeki Yoo

In 2022, I am going to spend some time each day promoting someone who makes the things I love. I started this series because I believe that we, myself included, spend so much time on social media dunking on people (however deserved) and not enough time lifting up people deserving of positive attention.

Today’s article features the amazing magician Jeki Yoo.

Jeki is one of those magicians who creates magic that feels like it could have only been created by him. The routines he invents are so clever and so well done that even when you know exactly what he’s doing, it is still incredible.

(The video below only shows the tricks; it doesn’t reveal how he does anything).

I had the amazing experience of seeing him do an online lecture where he explained how he performs some of his most well-known illusions. I’m not sure if you can still pay to access it online, but if you can it is worth it.

I bought his cone and balls routine recently from his online shop, and the quality of the materials is top-notch. It will of course take me a ton of practice to do the routine anywhere as good as he can, but I’m excited to learn.

I think that watching the video I linked will do a much better job of showing you how amazing he is than anything else I can type, so go do that!

If you want to see more, here’s where you can find him on other platforms.



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Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn

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